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are in the bay area right now pushing for changes. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. gun violence is the big topic at a town hall forum in san francisco at this hour. new at noon, ktvu's sal castanedo joins us live to explain the special guests who have traveled across the country to talk about their tragic experience with gun violence. sal? >> reporter: tori, good afternoon. the ideas that are coming from this campaign accompany a national call for tech solutions to prevent what happened three months ago in connecticut. on the three-month anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school shooting, a national campaign to seek high-tech conclusions to gun violence kicked off in san francisco with mayor ed lee and district attorney george gascon in attendance. >> we are in many regard the innovation capital of the world. i'm so proud to see this launched here today. >> reporter: some parents traveled here to call for innovative ideas to help solve what many say is a growing national crisis. >> two of the students killed that day lived in my small neighborhood. the gunman and his mother lived a
. they look for a man thought to be missing. >>> changes for oakland police. it is a whole new approach to fighting crime. >>> chaos on the san francisco streets today. update at noon. . >>> vandal im, carjackings, shots fired, it all started when a cab driver picked up a certain customer. now, it is the top story. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. this is a strange chain of events. it started with a vandalized taxicab and a shooting. brian flores joins us and explains how the suspect was found quickly. >> reporter: well the driver, suspect, officer, all of those people were not injured. if it wasn't for the cab's company investment in gps tracking, they may not have found the suspect so quickly. >> pacific heights is a quiet neighborhood. at 3:30 this morning, they flagged down a cab. the cab driver pulled over thinking it was a fare and as he did, it got loud. >> the suspects began jumping up and down. and they shattered the windshield of the taxicab. >> he took advice and locked all the doors. few minutes later. he opened the door and left the cab with the keys in the ignition. the
focus is just on the two african american members of the -- of the council. >> we got to make change. >> reid would not say he was targeted because of his race, he did say it was coincidental and interesting only he and brooks were named in this report. ruby also found that brooks interfered with city workers in her efforts to get two teen centers built, one was the rainbow teen center, the other the rec center blocks away in oakland. reid was only kreutzed for contract interference and his aid was found to have pressured parking officials into waving her parking tickets. ruby said the findings were so serious she turned this information over to the alameda county district attorney's office. we called them. they have not had a chance to review the documents, we did however get a statement from the mayor's office saying this confirms and validates concerns jean kwan had to make sure they worked to insurance the contract process was transparent and fair. now, if they are convicted brooks and reid could lose their jobs. we will have to wait and see what the d.a. decides in this case. we
transportation officials voted to approve a speed limit increase there to change it from 15 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour, the increase will not go into effect march 27th. next week is when the conversion to all electronic tolling takes place at the bridge. >>> flying in and out of some airports could soon be more challenging due to budget cuts. tara moriarty is live at the airport south of sfo with what the cuts could mean there. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, the tower you see behind me could become a thing of the past, air-traffic controllers as well as pilots on stand by waiting to hear if it will get shut down. >>> take offs like this could be more challenging for pilots without an extra set of eyes at the tower especially in bad weather. federal budget cuts are forcing the faa to close 240 air- traffic control towers across the country. the towers slated to close are at smaller airports, some say it increases safety and reduces the risk of accidents but all pilots are trained to land without help by communicating among themselves on a common radio frequency. >> it means
accountable. >> now officials say this marks a change when it comes to combating recent violence here in oakland and marks a better collaboration with other agencies and the police chief says expect more in the future. john sasaki will have more at 5:00 and 6:00. live ear in oakland, brian flores, ktvu channel 2news. >> a man pleaded not guilty to chargeless resulting from the death of a girl along slope boulevard last saturday. karen brewer is charged with vehicular manslaughter and two counts related to driving under the influence. the manslaughter charge alone could bring 10 years in prison. the bail is set at $300,000 and is scheduled to return to court in san francisco on march 27 fort th, for a pretrial hearing. >>> more details on the crash that killed that person. the board of supervisors approved funding to make the boulevard safer. the city will pay $130,000 for safety improvements and cal trans will pay 790,000 dollars, the improvements will include flashing lights at crosswalks and wider sidewalks. >>> a home invasion robbery early this morning left a san francisco man sha
friday but already there's been confusion from some long-time residents and commuters. the loop changes normally two- way traffic into one-way traffic with northbound merging. now, since the loop open there's been one motorcycle accident. although police say it had nothing 20 to with lane configurations. despite the there were signs, long-time commuters say it wasn't enough and they are hoping the city does something to address it, including adding stoplights and overhead signs. >> the signs are being made as we speak and they will be up in the next few days or a week. that concern is very, very valid with the change that has been made. making it more confusing for people to recognize where they are for the landmark they had and it makes it easier. we're working with our contractor to get those signs up as soon as possible. >> reporter: commuters and pedestrians are the no the only ones affected. a business owner said business was tough at first when the construction started. >> some of these businesses, though, that don't have parking out front were almost destroyed. they had 70, 80% o
some wall street investors are feeling a bit down and a name change could be coming to san jose's shark tank. >>> and you watch all the news cast live by downloading the ktvu ipad app and get drive time traffic, bay area weather and video of breaking news any time anywhere. >>> stocks are lower as investors look to see if cyprus can stave off panic when the banks re-open tomorrow. cyprus imposed limits on money transfers and hired extra security guards. institutions have been closed for two weeks to avoid a run during the country's financial drama. taking a live look at the big board, dow currently down 31. the nasdaq turned around and now up two and s&p down one. >>> there is a new challenge for boeing once its dream liner jets are flying again. there are reports the faa may cut how long the 787 is allowed to fly on some routes even after a redesigned battery system is approved. losing extended operations would hurt boeing and its airline customers by limiting the fuel saving jet. the dream liner was designed for long flights because it burns less fuel on those trips. >>> getting break
. the change could cost less than a penny a gallon. but the experts say it would be more like 9 cents a gallon. >>> some families are being allowed back in their homes after a huge landslide in washington state. the slide happened near whidbey island seattle. the county is tagging other homes said to be dangerous. geologists will be back at the scene later today trying to figure out what caused the ground to give way. >>> today, shaping up to be a mild to warm day around the bay area following a very gray foggy start. we have blue skies in many areas at this time. a live look from san francisco, a nice rebound, san francisco now 62 degrees and i expect we'll warm to 65 for the afternoon. as we get in around half moon bay, it's still socked in pretty good. still plenty of gray to go around parts of the coast. most of us with mostly clear skies and high clouds beginning to stream in. i expect they will thicken up by the afternoon. 68 in name. 68 concord. 70 in fairfield. 69 in livermore. another 5 to 8 degrees of warming expected for the second half of your afternoon. so we could see mid- to upp
officials will wait delays from congress to see if more changes are needed. >> the postmaster general tells ktvu there may be a couple pilot programs launched in the bay area to make the post office more techno lodge beingly advanced in the future. i also asked if there's anyway to save places like the berkeley post office or save six day delivery service. he tells me we'll have to wait and see. live in becomely, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you brian. >>> police say a convicted graffiti tagger fell to his death over the weekend from a sacramento freeway bridge. he may have been spray painting. the body of 22 year old andre petcov of north highlands was found saturday by a street sweeper beneath the interstate 80 bridge near winter street. he was arrested and convicted in 2009 for vandalism in the sacramento and roseville areas. according to police reports he was involved with a group accused of $80,000 in property damage in about 300 tagging cases. >>> the supreme court is deciding whether a law aimed at preventing illegal immigrants from voting is valid. we'll share local perspectives. >
's a big change from just one year ago, last may 51% of americans said it should not be legal for same sex can you remembers to marry -- couples to marry. we are expecting to see more rallies and vigils tomorrow by supporters of same sex marriage in san francisco at the court building. last night the advocates marched to the san francisco city hall. >> what do we want? >> equality. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> many of the participants say they have been waiting years for marriage equality and they're eager for a ruling from the supreme court. again that's not expected to happen until june. several bay area cities are showing their support for the lbgt community and same sex marriage by flying a rainbow flag at city halls this week. this is berkeley city hall. san francisco, oakland, heyward, san leandro and alameda are also flying the rainbow flags this week. >>> we have heard a lot from people who live in cities but what about the suburbs? new at noon sal castaneda joins us now live from walnut creek to let us know what people are saying there about the court says. >> reporter: tori
in the thunderstorm chances. friday we'll dry things up and we'll go back to a warm forecast. >> get ready to change the clocks. >> spring forward. >> lose an hour. >> yes. >>> search teams looked for 17- year-old nicholas joy at sugar loaf mountain after being lost but an individual not part of the rescue crew found him. he built a snow cave when overnight temperatures dropped below freezing. >>> the still to come, still in record -- the stall stock market still in record-setting territory. and we'll let you know if the vatican is getting any closer to choosing a new pope. ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h >>> a day after the dow closed at an all-time high. it's managed to add to the gains and a survey showing expansion in -- in all parts of the u.s. the republican- controlled house passed legislation to prevent a government shut down at the -- shutdown at the end of the month. the dow is up 14,308. the nasdaq is down 1.5. s&p up 2. >>> a group for victims of sexual abuse by priests has listed the list they call the dirty dozen. 12 cardinals they say should not be elected pope. it includes the cardinals f
it will be 30 minutes after sunset which starts at 7:10 p.m. now with the time change. bring binoculars and get to a place with a horizon view of the ocean. >>> the san francisco giants world series trophy tour is taking a victory lap in the bay area this week. trophies from the giants 2010 and 2012 titles will pass through south san francisco and san bruno today. later this week they'll move to hayward, walnut creek and east palo alto. they'll object display between 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon at the joseph fernicas building in south san francisco and between 6:00 and 8:00 tonight at the veterans memorial recreation center in san bruno. >>> this afternoon the oakland zoo will introduce three mirkat pups. they're almost six weeks old. the lit certificate first successful one among them in more than a year. that's because the pups are very fragile and it's common for members of the mirkat mob to kill the pups. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks and at 5:00. we're always online at and mobile
special masses today. some say they want change and others say they want the leader to remain tra dish nal. >> i would love any pope that comes to carry on the tradition of the church and adapt it in the way that's best for the modern world. >> it's really important. again, we need a leader. we need somebody, someone to look up to. >> as we reported a few minutes ago, the cardinals have cast their first ballots and informed the public with black smoke that they've not yet picked a pope. >>> leaders of a christian priest high school in pleasanton are responding this afternoon to disturbing allegation against a teacher. the woman is accused of tying up a young student. ktvu's alex savidge is live in pleasanton to explain how this incident came to light and he just learned more information on this situation. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: well, good afternoon, tori. i just got an e-mail from the state's community care licensing agency. their records identify this former teacher in this case as angela kalkano. the state says she's been barred from work, at any school until this investigati
really changed today. a weak system coming in but strong enough to not only give us low clouds but also high clouds. temperatures dropped off a good one to 11 degrees cooler. a current weak system, most heading to the north to the oregon border but we're getting high clouds and because this system is coming in a front always pushes in the low clouds. the combo equals a lower pattern. the ridge of high pressure moved to the east, allowing the westerly breeze to kick in. looks like a cooler week ahead. i think we'll get more sunshine tomorrow, mostly clouds today. a lot of these just going over us right now. a couple of echoes but i doubt anything reaches the ground. 30s, 40s, 50s this morning. now mainly 40s and 50s. santa rosa 50. in the city 49. concord 59. so everyone is pretty close on the temperatures. also that westerly breeze is in place, fairfield west at 22. that will take the edge off. livemore west at 12. the breeze is really kicking up. that all equals a cooler pattern. 26 in tahoe, 56 there now. eureka only 48 degrees. if you want to warm up head to palm springs, 81 degrees
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14